Thursday, March 12, 2009

A big thank you

Dear All,

Trust this note finds you well.

I am writing in to let you know that I am relocating from the UAE to Bahrain.

This decision comes as a natural progression that we all look forward to in our careers and lives.

In my tenure with The Gulf Today, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most interesting people in my life. I extend my gratitude to all you wonderful people who helped me learn and contribute to print journalism in the UAE.

Thank you all for your support and I do hope we get an opportunity to work again.

Please find below my contact details:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Killing kindly

An inter-collegiate or university event is an excellent networking platform.

Very often, ties and associations formed at such events last very long. But, at such junctures there is all likelihood that one may draw some undesired attention.

Well, if you don't agree that some people are there who will not leave you in peace, read on.

It was little more than two years back that I was partcipating in an inter-university communications workshop. The event was a three day meet. The first day began with usual fun-fare and gaiety. After the customary speeches and lighting of lamp, we had an interactive forum.

All participants were introduced to each other and then began the series of discussions, points of view et all.

A particular gentleman had some uneasiness with me, right from the word go. First he had some problems with the audio of my documentary, followed by some very harsh words--for my craft. I took it all as a positive check.

Second day came and sir in question left no stone unturned to belittle me. My teacher relaised this and said to me," it's called call attention moves"

And it was all quite painful for me as for a person like me it was getting unbearble but then patience pays.

On the final day, while I was filling a form, he noticed my name and said. So, thats your name. I nodded. "Naheed, well thats a very old name."

And wit had the better of me and I quipped, "yes sir, it surely is an old name. Virtues like love, kindness, charity are all very old likewise my name." and I walked away.

In retrospect I feel I kindly killed him!! Killing kindly, like it???