Sunday, July 19, 2009

Net woes

My dear ladies and their dear gentlemen,

I know, I know you are all fuming at me. And you are very or rather more justified to get mad at me.

But this Internet has been giving me some woeful time. Also, Arabic classes are keeping me so so busy, my!!!

Nevertheless, let me blow my trumpets a bit. I did well in my this past Arabic test, yipeeee.

Keep me in your prayers. More in next post!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unusually usual.

My name is Naheed. Naheed also means unusal. And believe it or not, very unusual things keep happening with me. Such is the amount of these rare occurences that people who know me say: "well if its something unusal then it's usual to happen with N."

So,the latest feather in my cap of rarity was added by hubby dearest.

Some gentle soul invited us for a dinner. And what better than a dine out. Not that I care for the grub much, but company I long for.

After a sumputuous dinner and some soft ice-cream, my better half wasn't to be seen.

I didn't panic. Also was considerate enough, to let him have some "man-time."

Ten minutes passed, and they turned into 15. I could see rest of the guys with the spouses, sans mine. Everyone started asking me about his whereabouts.

And I had a question for a question. Since, I was clueless too.

After a while, I see my hero jumping out of the car.

He had forgotten that he was married and was along with wife.

Peace to you dear friends and forgetful souls!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Please respect cyberspace

In the recent times the world wide web has truly turned the world into a global village.

With such exchange of information and sharing of ideas, the human race in my estimation is indeed learning a lot about other cultures, people and traditions. And what better than a tool which binds human to human.

It also helps eradicate a lot many misconceptions and makes co-existence a very joyful experience.

But, I have heard first hand accounts of how people wreck it all, with one bad word.

Dear fellow bloggers please spread the good word around and lets respect each one's opinion whatever it may be.

At best, we can ignore what we don't like.

Let's gear up and make cyberspace an even better place.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Please read on.

Dear All,

As-salam o'alay-kum,

Trust and pray that you are all doing well.

The reason behind this communique, I feel, is that it's high time that we as the youth did some soul-searching.

Let the lines to follow in no way make you think that I am being aggressive. I am just being assertive, as I feel that we as brothers and sisters in humanity, need a constant reminder to

rectify the defects in our personality, way of thinking, behaviour, mannerisms, etc.

I have, thus far, resided in three countries and I can't point out a single person who is evil. All individuals are good. And I strongly feel that it are situations and circumstances, which greatly shape a person; the way he is.

Some of you may be of the opinion that it's a person him/herself who is responsible for being in a particular situation. I do agree to a great extent with that view. But, the million dollar question is: Do all individuals have the same will-power, strong headedness, determination?

And the answer is but a big "No". All of us are different and hence respond differently to whatever the task at hand is. Some of us can cry at small little things, while others laugh even in the face of death.

A commonly held notion is that the physical age of a person makes him wise. I beg to differ. I am sure you would have noticed that at times a child can be very sensible and mature whereas an elderly person can be very irrational and impractical.

But we do respond to stimulus. A happy occasion makes us happy; a sad one makes us remorseful; when a friend is in trouble, we are hurt; when our kith and kin are in distress, we feel the heat; and likewise.

Many of us, irrespective of how strong they are, get swayed away at some point or the other. And none of us can dare blame a person for that. For we are individuals and no angels. To falter is in our system. But the greater being in my estimation is one who can get swayed away lesser than the rest and holds steadfast to his beliefs.

At this juncture comes in the need for religion. Most of us youngsters live away from parents and are in need of constant guidance. No matter how old we become, we remain vulnerable to Satan's moves. He is all loose and just looks for opportunities to trap us in his sinister designs.

I have had the privilege of being in augustus company of some religious souls. Religion, dear brothers and sisters, shows you the way. If we go the way Allah (Swt) has commanded us, the chances of us choosing the wrong path are scarce.

In the past two, three years, I have read numerous books on self-improvement but no better guide and friend than the Holy Quran. If you want that inner peace and feel lonely at heart, make friends with THE ONLY friend -- Allah. Read the Glorious Quran as much you can, whenever you can, and trust me you will find a different YOU.

Contrary to the belief held in many regions, its not imperative to read the Revered Book in a particular language. Read and attain the bliss of the scripture in whatever language you are comfortable with. Islam is universal in nature and appeal. It belongs to one and all. A person in Islam has superiority over other just by his deeds said the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his last sermon, while quoting a verse of the Quran.

However, no efforts should be spared in trying to learn the beautiful Arabic language. For what would be more satisfactory than reading the primary source in the language.

If there is a point that you don't understand take the help of someone better qualified than yourself. Also, please do not forget to invite your friends from other religions and beliefs to a way of life called -- Al Islam.

The number of reverts is increasing by the day, Alhamdolillah. YOU, as the ambassadors of the faith have a huge responsibility on your shoulders of reaching out the words of Allah (Swt) to every nook and corner of the world.

Please also bear in mind that being an envoy to Islam, everything you do counts. The way you talk, walk, dress, behave and so on. Please do not to instill a wrong perception of Islam in another person's mind with what you do.

I sincerely hope that what I wrote makes sense. Please excuse me, if I went wrong anywhere. I am also open to positive checks. Please help me improve.

May Allah guide us to the right path.

With prayers for all.


This piece is dedicated to my teacher, friend and husband Abdulaziz.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

All days aren't same

Last evening was one of the usual evenings. I was sipping my tea and listening to some beautiful Nasheeds.

But lo and behold. I heard someone knocking the door. In my sloppy attire I reached the door. Expecting hubby dearest to be there.

But, I see a complete stranger. The lady introuduced herself and asked if I could lend an ear to her. Kindness had the better of me and I invited the lady in. She introduced herself, of being my distant neighbour, living two blocks away from me.

I patiently heard her woes and suggested ways to better her situation. But what I learnt from my humble experience of counselling her was:

1) Value your loved ones.
2) Be patient.
3) Don't loose your calm.
4) Mind your language.
5) Believe in God.

And most importantly do not give up. Be determined that all will be well. Because all has to be well. The Glorious Quran says that no two days are same. Hence, when joys are not there forver why would grief be??


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey, Naheed is back

My dear and trusted fellow bloogers,

Trust you are all doing good. And how can't you, for I was away for a while but my prayer for world peace and humanity is always there.

Hope you are enjoying the sizzling summers and scorching heat. I am NOW sitting pretty in Bahrain which is both hot and humid. But a nice island nation, it is. Whoever and wherever said: 'Good things come in school packages.' for sure had the Kingdom of Bahrain in mind.

So, as the nomadic Naheed enjoys her time in Bahrain, you please continue to drop by and take good care of yourselves, for someone called Naheed, from somehwere loves and prays for you.

Keep in touch and stay precious!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

A big thank you

Dear All,

Trust this note finds you well.

I am writing in to let you know that I am relocating from the UAE to Bahrain.

This decision comes as a natural progression that we all look forward to in our careers and lives.

In my tenure with The Gulf Today, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most interesting people in my life. I extend my gratitude to all you wonderful people who helped me learn and contribute to print journalism in the UAE.

Thank you all for your support and I do hope we get an opportunity to work again.

Please find below my contact details:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Killing kindly

An inter-collegiate or university event is an excellent networking platform.

Very often, ties and associations formed at such events last very long. But, at such junctures there is all likelihood that one may draw some undesired attention.

Well, if you don't agree that some people are there who will not leave you in peace, read on.

It was little more than two years back that I was partcipating in an inter-university communications workshop. The event was a three day meet. The first day began with usual fun-fare and gaiety. After the customary speeches and lighting of lamp, we had an interactive forum.

All participants were introduced to each other and then began the series of discussions, points of view et all.

A particular gentleman had some uneasiness with me, right from the word go. First he had some problems with the audio of my documentary, followed by some very harsh words--for my craft. I took it all as a positive check.

Second day came and sir in question left no stone unturned to belittle me. My teacher relaised this and said to me," it's called call attention moves"

And it was all quite painful for me as for a person like me it was getting unbearble but then patience pays.

On the final day, while I was filling a form, he noticed my name and said. So, thats your name. I nodded. "Naheed, well thats a very old name."

And wit had the better of me and I quipped, "yes sir, it surely is an old name. Virtues like love, kindness, charity are all very old likewise my name." and I walked away.

In retrospect I feel I kindly killed him!! Killing kindly, like it???

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Have you heard the paper cry??

I have a feeling that people in today's times are increasingly materialistic. People who are content by small or lesser things are a numbered few.

I have a colleague who has a philosophical bent of mind. Not only is he gentle with mortals but thinks of welfare of non living beings as well.

At times, I understand what he says and rest of the times I console myself by thinking that: "This is philosophy and my mental level is yet to graduate to that level."

So in when such conversation he asked me if I was aware that paper cries too. Before I could say a yes or no, he tore a precious A-4 size paper lying on my table. Then he asked if I heard the cry?

Clueless at the situation I said well I heard tearing of a paper. He philosophised that was the paper's shrill cry.

As I was about to get back to work another colleague came and he and he was about to tell him the same rationality.

But I forbade and asked him, if you feel the paper actually cries. why hurt it??

And then it was his turn to be clueless!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sword fencing

In my last post I became a self proclaimed lazy bones.

But something in this big wide world didn't want to buy the theory. I got to know that my kid cousin too is taking up sword fencing.

I was reminded of my not so long ago days when me and my sister use to have those fencing bouts. I could recall the euphoria that was created at the the inter-school level and later to district and state level by the two of us devoting time to this wonderful sport.

Back home most people now consider it to be "not a girl's thing."

But I salute those who give it a try for profession or hobby. And a even greater gratitude to those parents who let their children pursue such adventures.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lazy bones

I wish I was less lazy.

But if you think it's all my fault you are mistaken.

What to do all these people in and around me are so damn good. They are wonderful.

But I better gear up and get rid of this attitude, lest it becomes sweet poison for me.

Suggest ways to get rid of my lethargy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't keep doctor away

I attended a medical seminar recently. It was truly a learning experience. After a series of customary speeches, discussion and papers was the lunch.

Many in the gathering were desperately waiting for this hour. This was the only time slated wherein participants had an opportunity to know about each other a bit

Since the ambiance was so medical-medical (if the term be so!!) that my language was visibly influenced by it.

I got talking to a fellow participant and somewhere amidst the conversation I said, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

A very neatly dressed gentleman raised his eyebrows and said "I don't want to keep the doctor away."

Before I or anyone else could figure out the reason behind this statement. The gentleman himself burst out laughing and said: "Doctor is my wife."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aunt agony

Individual will is supreme. We as global citizens preach tolerance and mutual co-operation.

But one of my aunt's isn't one who takes these ideas. She skips a heart beat at the mere sight of an eligible spinster. Very recently at a get together she whispered to me "oh, this Laila she is 27, and not even engaged."

I requested her to take a chill pill. I told her with utmost patience that in today's times priorities are changing, people focus on career and academics. Plus there is also a need to have a partner with whom you have a mental compatibility. While, I tried to rationalize a few things with my agony aunt, I saw her getting bored with my lecture.

She said you girls, "I am sure Laila won't get married and am sure won't let her kids to the same."

Laila and kids???

I think so my aunt would suggest Laila to adopt.

Not a bad idea, strictly in my estimation, though!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Date not set

I am 'sui-generis' in many senses.

But one of the many things that sets me apart from rest of the people my age is that I have never dated. But yes, it does make me curious as to what do people going on dates do.

And as the wise say curiosity killed the cat and I love life to the hilt so I just sought help of the ever helpful and ever serving lexicon. The closest word in my estimation that gets close to a date would be 'rendezvos.'

So, I asked a person who was better qualified than me, "what are the etiquettes of a date?" She laughed back at me and said, etiquettes of a date. I wonder your fate."

Illuminate dear blogger friends, one from your clan needs insight

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love is.....

My friends, just like your friends come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

The grey matter that they carry in their heads is not like two sides to a coin, but poles apart. Some of them are paragon of excellence, some are ME-diocore and some "o, we are still so young" types, Life, whats that???

I have a set of pals who I prefer to go out shopping with. Another bunch of buddies who I work with, some of us who sit and do some loud thinking while others who I just listen to, very unusual, but their exist a specie of this kind as well.

So, yesterday one of my dearest dearies disturbed me in the fairyland. Didn't get me, I was in sleeping away to glory and in deep deep slumber. And then abruptly I hear a voice asking. "what is love?"

For a moment, I thought I was dreaming and then I answered the gem a person in somewhat a vague way. She wasn't satisfied and no matter what I said satisfied the girl. Then, I told her long live freedom of speech and now I leave to you dear readers to give your answers.

Will you please, for love's sake.


Friday, January 23, 2009

A poignant query

The financial upheaval across the world is affecting all. It is being lablled in different names like monetary meltdown, recession, economic slowdown et al.

What disturbed me last night greatly was a question posed by a not so dear friend while at school. She asked me if it was a mistake on her part not to fail this academic year. Obviously, she isn't getting offers that match her qualification and academic credentials. Though she asked and then we switched over from one topic to another until we hung up. Her inquiry is still echoing in my mind. But, admittedly I had no answer to her poignant query.

My heart truly goes to my friend in particular and to all those who are facing a hardships in this difficult situation.

All, I can say my fellow human beings is that tough times don't last but tough people do. Things may not be rosy for the moment but surely they won't be same forever.

Until then cheers.... to life and the exciting labyrinth that it is.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Of Malbaris and Malyalis

I just wonder how much there is to learn each day of our lives.

A very significant thing that I just learnt was that there was a difference in between a "Malbari" and "Malyali."

For those of you who may not know on the issue, a person belonging to the South Indian state of Kerala is often referred to as Malabri or Malyalee. However, the correct usage should be any Malayalam speaker can be called a Malyali.

Malabar on the other hand is a costal region in the beautiful state of Kerala.

So, the punchline is all Malabris can be Malyalis, while the converse doesn't hold true.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love is....

My friends, just like your friends come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

The grey matter that they carry in their heads is not like two sides to a coin, but poles apart. Some of them are paragon of excellence, some are ME-diocore and some "o, we are still so young" types, Life, whats that???

I have a set of pals who I prefer to go out shopping with. Another bunch of buddies who I work with, some of us who sit and do some loud thinking while others who I just listen to, very unusual, but their exist a specie of this kind as well.

So, yesterday one of my dearest dearies disturbed me in the fairyland. Didn't get me, I was in sleeping away to glory and in deep deep slumber. And then abruptly I hear a voice asking. "what is love?"

For a moment, I thought I was dreaming and then I answered the gem a person in somewhat a vague way. She wasn't satisfied and no matter what I said satisfied the girl. Then, I told her long live freedom of speech and now I leave to you dear readers to give your answers.

Will you please, for love's sake.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Love-one, love-all.

Dearies, hope you all had a great weekend. And to another set of dearies, (whose weekend begins tomorrow) I dearly hope that you have an awesome time, this weekend.

Today, I had some guests at my place. O, who says guests are a delight, some of them can be such on-your-nerve types. So, a not so young man was having a counter reaction to everything I had to say.

I quietly began to make a note of how many times he had to oppose me. As I began this exercise in my mind, he gave a counter-example and I said a score of "love-one" and then some divine intervention said: "Love All."

And since I am for peace, (ie in all forms from inter-personal relations to global peace) I just started ignoring what all that he had to say in opposition to my views and opinions.

Conclusively, we parted on a cheerful note.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, we answer best by not answering.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thursday is a beautiful day in the UAE. One can easily see children getting happy, office-goers rushing and home makers simply waiting to begin the weekend chillout sessions.

So, today on a Thursday, a beautiful family with more beautiful heart invited me for lunch. I was naturally very touched by their gesture. Decked up in the best attire with a little jewellery I reached their place.

Post grub, they were kind enough to drop me to my workplace.

As I was about to get late for work hurriedly I punched my card and rushed into the elevator. A senior in the lift saw me and smiled. Slowly he asked me, "Is that your wedding ring?" I politely said, "no, it ain't."

As curiosity has no limits, so he went a step further. "O, so it must be your engagement ring." I yet, again said no without a smile.

And this time, I thing so he had got irritated with me and said then it must be SUFFER-Ring.

All I want to say now is, "amazing wit sir."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unsung home makers

It's well past noon in Dubai. And my bedroom window shows me hazy sunlight. Today, I have been entrusted with some household errands and I am jostling between them and my personal chores.

Its here that I realise that what brilliant and unsung service do home makers do. We often begin to take our cozy and comfortable life for granted. Least realising that somebody is caring and organised enough to see that everything falls in place for us.

And as the adage goes, "Realisation is half the battle won." So, henceforth I intend to contribute more to the running of the house.

A big thank you, to all the home makers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First reaction.

Why are the colours so loud?? Asked a senior at work.

And pat I give the answer, "I intend to absorb more and reflect less." After all gift of the gab does comes in handy at times.

Anyhow all sorts of positive checks are encouraged on this forum.


Maiden post


Dear reader, chances are that you are here to read something. But, I am sorry to disappoint you as I have just joined and am exploring the blogosphere. Kind of tech-shy, you know.

So please do visit again as I will surely post in something worthwhile.