Thursday, February 19, 2009

Have you heard the paper cry??

I have a feeling that people in today's times are increasingly materialistic. People who are content by small or lesser things are a numbered few.

I have a colleague who has a philosophical bent of mind. Not only is he gentle with mortals but thinks of welfare of non living beings as well.

At times, I understand what he says and rest of the times I console myself by thinking that: "This is philosophy and my mental level is yet to graduate to that level."

So in when such conversation he asked me if I was aware that paper cries too. Before I could say a yes or no, he tore a precious A-4 size paper lying on my table. Then he asked if I heard the cry?

Clueless at the situation I said well I heard tearing of a paper. He philosophised that was the paper's shrill cry.

As I was about to get back to work another colleague came and he and he was about to tell him the same rationality.

But I forbade and asked him, if you feel the paper actually cries. why hurt it??

And then it was his turn to be clueless!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sword fencing

In my last post I became a self proclaimed lazy bones.

But something in this big wide world didn't want to buy the theory. I got to know that my kid cousin too is taking up sword fencing.

I was reminded of my not so long ago days when me and my sister use to have those fencing bouts. I could recall the euphoria that was created at the the inter-school level and later to district and state level by the two of us devoting time to this wonderful sport.

Back home most people now consider it to be "not a girl's thing."

But I salute those who give it a try for profession or hobby. And a even greater gratitude to those parents who let their children pursue such adventures.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lazy bones

I wish I was less lazy.

But if you think it's all my fault you are mistaken.

What to do all these people in and around me are so damn good. They are wonderful.

But I better gear up and get rid of this attitude, lest it becomes sweet poison for me.

Suggest ways to get rid of my lethargy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't keep doctor away

I attended a medical seminar recently. It was truly a learning experience. After a series of customary speeches, discussion and papers was the lunch.

Many in the gathering were desperately waiting for this hour. This was the only time slated wherein participants had an opportunity to know about each other a bit

Since the ambiance was so medical-medical (if the term be so!!) that my language was visibly influenced by it.

I got talking to a fellow participant and somewhere amidst the conversation I said, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

A very neatly dressed gentleman raised his eyebrows and said "I don't want to keep the doctor away."

Before I or anyone else could figure out the reason behind this statement. The gentleman himself burst out laughing and said: "Doctor is my wife."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aunt agony

Individual will is supreme. We as global citizens preach tolerance and mutual co-operation.

But one of my aunt's isn't one who takes these ideas. She skips a heart beat at the mere sight of an eligible spinster. Very recently at a get together she whispered to me "oh, this Laila she is 27, and not even engaged."

I requested her to take a chill pill. I told her with utmost patience that in today's times priorities are changing, people focus on career and academics. Plus there is also a need to have a partner with whom you have a mental compatibility. While, I tried to rationalize a few things with my agony aunt, I saw her getting bored with my lecture.

She said you girls, "I am sure Laila won't get married and am sure won't let her kids to the same."

Laila and kids???

I think so my aunt would suggest Laila to adopt.

Not a bad idea, strictly in my estimation, though!!!