Thursday, February 19, 2009

Have you heard the paper cry??

I have a feeling that people in today's times are increasingly materialistic. People who are content by small or lesser things are a numbered few.

I have a colleague who has a philosophical bent of mind. Not only is he gentle with mortals but thinks of welfare of non living beings as well.

At times, I understand what he says and rest of the times I console myself by thinking that: "This is philosophy and my mental level is yet to graduate to that level."

So in when such conversation he asked me if I was aware that paper cries too. Before I could say a yes or no, he tore a precious A-4 size paper lying on my table. Then he asked if I heard the cry?

Clueless at the situation I said well I heard tearing of a paper. He philosophised that was the paper's shrill cry.

As I was about to get back to work another colleague came and he and he was about to tell him the same rationality.

But I forbade and asked him, if you feel the paper actually cries. why hurt it??

And then it was his turn to be clueless!!!


  1. interesting if paper cry,then all sounds: car,washing machine,juicer,microwave....??
    why don't he said,paper laugh,at least it can turn everything in a happy mood :)

  2. As someone that finds philosophy interesting I find his logic to be flawed. A cry is an expression made by something living, paper is dead.

  3. The thought that all things cry when their actual form is tampered is true as explained here by the writer by the example of an A4 size paper.

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