Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aunt agony

Individual will is supreme. We as global citizens preach tolerance and mutual co-operation.

But one of my aunt's isn't one who takes these ideas. She skips a heart beat at the mere sight of an eligible spinster. Very recently at a get together she whispered to me "oh, this Laila she is 27, and not even engaged."

I requested her to take a chill pill. I told her with utmost patience that in today's times priorities are changing, people focus on career and academics. Plus there is also a need to have a partner with whom you have a mental compatibility. While, I tried to rationalize a few things with my agony aunt, I saw her getting bored with my lecture.

She said you girls, "I am sure Laila won't get married and am sure won't let her kids to the same."

Laila and kids???

I think so my aunt would suggest Laila to adopt.

Not a bad idea, strictly in my estimation, though!!!

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  1. There was an "odd" occurrence when I had my kids. The older career generations hormones had started screaming "get kids now or it will be to late!" and the younger generation saw no reason to wait to have kinds since there was no jobs for them. Babyboom!

    Me and many of my friends had kids at the same time as women the age of our mothers.