Sunday, January 25, 2009

Date not set

I am 'sui-generis' in many senses.

But one of the many things that sets me apart from rest of the people my age is that I have never dated. But yes, it does make me curious as to what do people going on dates do.

And as the wise say curiosity killed the cat and I love life to the hilt so I just sought help of the ever helpful and ever serving lexicon. The closest word in my estimation that gets close to a date would be 'rendezvos.'

So, I asked a person who was better qualified than me, "what are the etiquettes of a date?" She laughed back at me and said, etiquettes of a date. I wonder your fate."

Illuminate dear blogger friends, one from your clan needs insight


  1. I don't date,but I think google search can be a good start up:)

  2. I've only been on one date in the "traditional" sense. We met when I was out dancing with my friends and he asked for my number. Three days later he called and asked me out and I said yes. Two day later he picked me up at my parents house and took me to see some action movie that I didn't like and then we had dinner at a loud and noisy restaurant. He was a proper gentleman, opened doors for me payed it all and so on. I never saw him again.

    The first time my husband took me out we went to the shooting range to do target practice... and I surprised him by being an excellent marksman. Somehow I "forgot" to tell him that I already knew how to shoot. =)
    The second time he took me to the computer club and I spent hours trying to decipher geek-speak and figure out how to use a computer. This was back in the 80's and I had only seen one computer before that and never actually used one.
    The third time he took me out he took me to a street cruise. We both like old American cars and we spent the night looking at cars and listening to rockabilly.
    That was it for me, no more dates, we got engaged and I moved to live with him. (Very much to the horror of my parents, but they have gotten over it by now.)

    My friends talk about the etiquette connected to dating, he has to call back in so-and-so many days, not try to kiss before so-and-so number of dates and so on but I think it's just silly. Dating is about getting to know the other person and have fun together in a "safe" and comfortable setting. By safe I mean a setting where you don't feel the pressure to do this or that if you don't want to whether it be riding merry-go-rounds or coming to close for comfort. (There are unfortunately a few guys out there that has a problem understanding limits and such.)