Thursday, July 2, 2009

All days aren't same

Last evening was one of the usual evenings. I was sipping my tea and listening to some beautiful Nasheeds.

But lo and behold. I heard someone knocking the door. In my sloppy attire I reached the door. Expecting hubby dearest to be there.

But, I see a complete stranger. The lady introuduced herself and asked if I could lend an ear to her. Kindness had the better of me and I invited the lady in. She introduced herself, of being my distant neighbour, living two blocks away from me.

I patiently heard her woes and suggested ways to better her situation. But what I learnt from my humble experience of counselling her was:

1) Value your loved ones.
2) Be patient.
3) Don't loose your calm.
4) Mind your language.
5) Believe in God.

And most importantly do not give up. Be determined that all will be well. Because all has to be well. The Glorious Quran says that no two days are same. Hence, when joys are not there forver why would grief be??


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  1. thanks for this sharing,especially value your loved one..........!!