Sunday, July 5, 2009

Please read on.

Dear All,

As-salam o'alay-kum,

Trust and pray that you are all doing well.

The reason behind this communique, I feel, is that it's high time that we as the youth did some soul-searching.

Let the lines to follow in no way make you think that I am being aggressive. I am just being assertive, as I feel that we as brothers and sisters in humanity, need a constant reminder to

rectify the defects in our personality, way of thinking, behaviour, mannerisms, etc.

I have, thus far, resided in three countries and I can't point out a single person who is evil. All individuals are good. And I strongly feel that it are situations and circumstances, which greatly shape a person; the way he is.

Some of you may be of the opinion that it's a person him/herself who is responsible for being in a particular situation. I do agree to a great extent with that view. But, the million dollar question is: Do all individuals have the same will-power, strong headedness, determination?

And the answer is but a big "No". All of us are different and hence respond differently to whatever the task at hand is. Some of us can cry at small little things, while others laugh even in the face of death.

A commonly held notion is that the physical age of a person makes him wise. I beg to differ. I am sure you would have noticed that at times a child can be very sensible and mature whereas an elderly person can be very irrational and impractical.

But we do respond to stimulus. A happy occasion makes us happy; a sad one makes us remorseful; when a friend is in trouble, we are hurt; when our kith and kin are in distress, we feel the heat; and likewise.

Many of us, irrespective of how strong they are, get swayed away at some point or the other. And none of us can dare blame a person for that. For we are individuals and no angels. To falter is in our system. But the greater being in my estimation is one who can get swayed away lesser than the rest and holds steadfast to his beliefs.

At this juncture comes in the need for religion. Most of us youngsters live away from parents and are in need of constant guidance. No matter how old we become, we remain vulnerable to Satan's moves. He is all loose and just looks for opportunities to trap us in his sinister designs.

I have had the privilege of being in augustus company of some religious souls. Religion, dear brothers and sisters, shows you the way. If we go the way Allah (Swt) has commanded us, the chances of us choosing the wrong path are scarce.

In the past two, three years, I have read numerous books on self-improvement but no better guide and friend than the Holy Quran. If you want that inner peace and feel lonely at heart, make friends with THE ONLY friend -- Allah. Read the Glorious Quran as much you can, whenever you can, and trust me you will find a different YOU.

Contrary to the belief held in many regions, its not imperative to read the Revered Book in a particular language. Read and attain the bliss of the scripture in whatever language you are comfortable with. Islam is universal in nature and appeal. It belongs to one and all. A person in Islam has superiority over other just by his deeds said the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his last sermon, while quoting a verse of the Quran.

However, no efforts should be spared in trying to learn the beautiful Arabic language. For what would be more satisfactory than reading the primary source in the language.

If there is a point that you don't understand take the help of someone better qualified than yourself. Also, please do not forget to invite your friends from other religions and beliefs to a way of life called -- Al Islam.

The number of reverts is increasing by the day, Alhamdolillah. YOU, as the ambassadors of the faith have a huge responsibility on your shoulders of reaching out the words of Allah (Swt) to every nook and corner of the world.

Please also bear in mind that being an envoy to Islam, everything you do counts. The way you talk, walk, dress, behave and so on. Please do not to instill a wrong perception of Islam in another person's mind with what you do.

I sincerely hope that what I wrote makes sense. Please excuse me, if I went wrong anywhere. I am also open to positive checks. Please help me improve.

May Allah guide us to the right path.

With prayers for all.


This piece is dedicated to my teacher, friend and husband Abdulaziz.


  1. this the same child naheed v saw in sharjah??philosopher...gr9 going..cheers

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I am at work now, but will come back this week to read more from you. Peace to you.

  3. Asalamalikum.. really wonderful article....i totally agree with u....allah