Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unusually usual.

My name is Naheed. Naheed also means unusal. And believe it or not, very unusual things keep happening with me. Such is the amount of these rare occurences that people who know me say: "well if its something unusal then it's usual to happen with N."

So,the latest feather in my cap of rarity was added by hubby dearest.

Some gentle soul invited us for a dinner. And what better than a dine out. Not that I care for the grub much, but company I long for.

After a sumputuous dinner and some soft ice-cream, my better half wasn't to be seen.

I didn't panic. Also was considerate enough, to let him have some "man-time."

Ten minutes passed, and they turned into 15. I could see rest of the guys with the spouses, sans mine. Everyone started asking me about his whereabouts.

And I had a question for a question. Since, I was clueless too.

After a while, I see my hero jumping out of the car.

He had forgotten that he was married and was along with wife.

Peace to you dear friends and forgetful souls!!


  1. hahaha..great can he forget a noisy person like u..enjoyed reading..keep up the good work dear

  2. hello journalist...waiting eagerly 2 c yr next post..wake up plzzzzzzzzzzzzz:)

  3. haha..really funny...i hope he didnt got sm gud wacking frm