Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love is.....

My friends, just like your friends come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

The grey matter that they carry in their heads is not like two sides to a coin, but poles apart. Some of them are paragon of excellence, some are ME-diocore and some "o, we are still so young" types, Life, whats that???

I have a set of pals who I prefer to go out shopping with. Another bunch of buddies who I work with, some of us who sit and do some loud thinking while others who I just listen to, very unusual, but their exist a specie of this kind as well.

So, yesterday one of my dearest dearies disturbed me in the fairyland. Didn't get me, I was in sleeping away to glory and in deep deep slumber. And then abruptly I hear a voice asking. "what is love?"

For a moment, I thought I was dreaming and then I answered the gem a person in somewhat a vague way. She wasn't satisfied and no matter what I said satisfied the girl. Then, I told her long live freedom of speech and now I leave to you dear readers to give your answers.

Will you please, for love's sake.



  1. * Love is the ability to care for someone unconditionally while accepting their quirks and oddities.

    * Love is the foundation that the madness of passion dances upon before vaporizing and fading as mist in daylight.

    * Love is a strength, a force of nature, when shared and nurtured and it is a weakness when mistreated and left alone.

    * Love is hard work, just as a garden it will die out or grow wild,unruly and destructive if not worked on.

    * Love is to know yourself, accept who you are and share your strengths with those who you care deeply for.

    * Love is to think about the other person and give a helping hand even when you are not required to.

    I don't think that love can be described with a few words or even many. Love is too subjective to be properly defined in a way that will apply to each and every person in this world. Still, we've all been touched by love in one way or the other in our lives so the words does have a meaning to us, a meaning that we try to put words to now and then. =)

    I love this question so much that I'm heading over to my own blog to see what kind of responses I'll get, if any. ;o)

  2. LOVE is everything in your life directing you to become priceless,timeless !!