Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unsung home makers

It's well past noon in Dubai. And my bedroom window shows me hazy sunlight. Today, I have been entrusted with some household errands and I am jostling between them and my personal chores.

Its here that I realise that what brilliant and unsung service do home makers do. We often begin to take our cozy and comfortable life for granted. Least realising that somebody is caring and organised enough to see that everything falls in place for us.

And as the adage goes, "Realisation is half the battle won." So, henceforth I intend to contribute more to the running of the house.

A big thank you, to all the home makers.


  1. doing is better than

  2. ya...doing is better than again..

  3. thanks 4 dropping by my blog..dear friend