Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thursday is a beautiful day in the UAE. One can easily see children getting happy, office-goers rushing and home makers simply waiting to begin the weekend chillout sessions.

So, today on a Thursday, a beautiful family with more beautiful heart invited me for lunch. I was naturally very touched by their gesture. Decked up in the best attire with a little jewellery I reached their place.

Post grub, they were kind enough to drop me to my workplace.

As I was about to get late for work hurriedly I punched my card and rushed into the elevator. A senior in the lift saw me and smiled. Slowly he asked me, "Is that your wedding ring?" I politely said, "no, it ain't."

As curiosity has no limits, so he went a step further. "O, so it must be your engagement ring." I yet, again said no without a smile.

And this time, I thing so he had got irritated with me and said then it must be SUFFER-Ring.

All I want to say now is, "amazing wit sir."


  1. Featu-ring a finger-ring often means muste-ring patience for recur-ring snee-ring and snicke-ring from swagge-ring people utte-ring wonde-ring, enqui-ring and sometime bo-ring things. ;o)

    I was wearing a ring on my ring finger for years before I met my husband since it saved me from unwanted attention. It was a cheap trinket with no real value at all, but since I wore it every day someone thought it was real and valuable and stole it. I fooled the idiot twice. =D

  2. he may be thinking it is a joke..but...well..

  3. is that not very old wit?
    well old is gold. i think it is applicaple in all times and situations!