Friday, January 16, 2009

Love-one, love-all.

Dearies, hope you all had a great weekend. And to another set of dearies, (whose weekend begins tomorrow) I dearly hope that you have an awesome time, this weekend.

Today, I had some guests at my place. O, who says guests are a delight, some of them can be such on-your-nerve types. So, a not so young man was having a counter reaction to everything I had to say.

I quietly began to make a note of how many times he had to oppose me. As I began this exercise in my mind, he gave a counter-example and I said a score of "love-one" and then some divine intervention said: "Love All."

And since I am for peace, (ie in all forms from inter-personal relations to global peace) I just started ignoring what all that he had to say in opposition to my views and opinions.

Conclusively, we parted on a cheerful note.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, we answer best by not answering.



  1. That's a tactic I've learned to use while dealing with my father. When I was younger I often ended up in arguments with him because he simply can't admit that someone else than he has a right to an opinion or could be correct about the facts about something. Tell him that the sun is up on the sky during the day and he'll tell you that you are wrong...

    Then I realized how my arguments with him made me look and how much destructive impact they had on my life. For the last decade I've been happily ignoring him and our relationship has never been better. =)

  2. ya..guests tend to be pests at times..

  3. waiting 2 c the next post...eagerly...

  4. sometimes saying nothing is saying all,well said